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We live in the day and age of instant communication, being able to communicate with one and another with just a couple of clicks. Through MMS, text messaging, call, video call, and other applications, you can now talk to your friends and family from around the world. The creation of smartphones has given us the capabilities of surfing the web with the device in our pocket.

You can now shop online, browse the web, email, view social media platforms and do just about anything else on the wide web. In our mobile phones give us the hours of entertainment we crave every single day. Play games, watch movies, read eBooks, listen to your favourite music and so much more. Sitting on the train on the way to work is far from a chore in this generation, now you can Catch up on reading, watch the latest episode of your favourite show or listen to the new album your favourite artist just released.

Gone are the days of buying or carrying your camera, video camera, radio, MP3 player, calculator, GPS, flashlight, wristwatch, books and so much more. We have some of the best mobile phone deals online and want you to know about it. Stop overpaying everywhere else for the latest smartphones. Being the 10th instalment of the famous Apple iPhone, the X was designed and developed to have you step into the next generation of tech.

Introducing Face ID to the consumer, you can now unlock, purchase apps and do your banking just by looking at your phone. Grab your very own iPhone X from Catch and never overpay again. If you want to join the Android army, this is the way to sign up.

Not only does the S9 look amazing, feel amazing and sound even better. The attention to detail the Galaxy S9 has is awesome and the battery life is outstanding.

View life from a new perspective all from the palm of your hand. Grab a Samsung Galaxy S9 online at Catch and never worry about overpaying for the best smartphones ever again.

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Catch Energy.Welcome, visitor! The more people recycle used cell phones instead of throwing them away, the better for the environment. Here are tips about what to know before you buy a refurbished phone which should help you to decide whether you are interested in purchasing one. Motorola Phones for Verizon. Samsung Phones for Sprint. Apple iPhones for Verizon. Unlocked Pantech Phones. Unlocked Apple iPhones.

LG Phones for Verizon. LG Phones for Boost Mobile. Unlocked Samsung Phones. Samsung Phones for T-Mobile. Apple iPhones for Sprint. Why to buy refurbished phones.

Buying refurbished phones is one of the best ways of replacing lost or damaged phone. If you have never considered why to buy a refurbished phone, here is why you actually should have.

A cracked screen or water drops happen more often than anyone could expect and cost big money. High cost associated with buying and fixing a top flagship resulted in a big change observed in our approach to buying phones.

One of the most frequently chosen ways of getting a new phone is purchasing a refurbished device. Want an example? Here it is.

The 6 Best Phone Sanitizers of 2020

After a cycle of washing it became nothing more than a pricey paperweight. If you decide on buying a refurbished phone, you will be able to save over a hundred dollars.In the U. It's so natural feeling, like it is supposed to be there. I haven't dropped my phone yet! Great case! I tend to try and carry everything at once and always dropped my phone when grabbing it.

I can honestly say I've never dropped my phone in the 4 months I've had my Loopy case. Great for running. Love the kickstand.

One handed texts. One handed pics. Get one! Best and probably the smartest purchase I have made! It's no problem because we make them, too!

afterpay cell phones

In short, the hand that grabs your phone most of the time is the orientation you want for your Loopy Case. All Loopy Cases are righties by default.

afterpay cell phones

If you'd like a left-handed Loopy, simply type out ' LEFTY ' in the notes section once adding your Loopy Case to your cart the notes section is on the cart page.

Having trouble deciding? If the right hand, no note is needed since this is the default orientation for Loopy :.

afterpay cell phones

Can I still use my phone with my right hand if I get a lefty model? Our loops are made to be comfortable and versatile for use with both of your hands. The loop angle is simply there to give you maximum comfort with your dominant hand, but does not hinder your ability to use it with the other. Featured on:. Sooo, what's it like to be in-the-Loop? No More Drops "I love it. I'm never going back! LoopyCases Instagram.

Subscribe to the in-the-Loop Newsletter! I am so happy with my loopy.Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. We see you out there, working in the thick of it to support us all. To each of you front-liners, we are grateful! Amplify Glass screen protector and Defender Series Pro, both with antimicrobial technology to protect against common bacteria, drops and scrapes.

Jackie Nunnaly is just your average Gen-Z fashionista. Is it soda lime? Is it indestructible? Learn how your screen protection is really protecting your precious device. For the safety of our employees and our community, Otter Products is operating at a reduced capacity.

We kindly ask for your patience and grace, as operations are delayed. You can expect significant delays in communication, fulfillment, and shipment of purchases, returns, and warranty claims. Find more information here. OtterBox for Business. Sign in or sign up your favorite way below. Sign In or Sign Up.

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Forgotten Password? Cases Accessories Outdoor Collections Custom. Search Search. View Cart 0. Elevation Drinkware. More Devices. Web Specials. More Accessories. Dry Bags. Disney Classics.

Star Wars. Style Cases.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here.

We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Best Overall: PhoneSoap 3 at eBay. Due to increased demand for online shopping, items in this article may be out of stock. Updates to this article will be made frequently with products we recommend. Simple, effective and easy to use, PhoneSoap 3 is undoubtedly the best phone sanitizer out there. PhoneSoap 3 uses Ultraviolet UV rays to kill Its patented design features two medical-grade UV-C lights one at the base and the other on the lidwith the phone being placed on a transparent quartz plate between the two light bulbs.

The entire interior of PhoneSoap 3 is coated with reflective paint, which ensures full sanitization of the phone or any other item placed on the plate in just ten minutes.

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The sanitizer comes with two USB one Type-A and one Type-C ports, which let you conveniently charge your cell phone while it's being sanitized. PhoneSoap 3's acoustic outlets amplify sounds from the cell phone, allowing you to easily hear alarms and notification alerts even when the device is in the sanitizer. Compatible with almost all cell phones, PhoneSoap 3 is available in multiple colors such as black, orchid, and silver. With the current run on sanitary products, that's no excuse to neglect your phone.

The UV-Clean phone sanitizer from Homedics is one of the few UV phone sanitizers that aren't currently on backorder, making it your best option for keeping your phone free of unwanted germs and other harmful bacteria, and it's significantly cheaper than most full size, UV phone sanitizers of this kind. This sleek, zip-up case uses 2 UV-C germicidal LEDs to eradicate germs in just under a minute, and with its awesome battery life, you can use this case up to 70 times on a single charge.

The UV-Clean is large enough to fit just about any phone size, regardless of the model, but compact and light enough to take with you anywhere. While a lot of UV sanitizers require you to deposit your phone inside of them for some time, this handy wand lets you just quickly wave it across the surface of a device and, presto, no more ugly germs.

It kills up to This little wand is ideal for traveling and will fit easily into a purse, carry on, or even your pocket. Even if you've got a full-sized UV sanitizing bank at home, you may want to consider grabbing this as an add on for travel or the office. It takes 4AAA batteries not includedand is a breeze to use, fully sanitizing even larger devices in a minute or less.

The days of compact cell phones are largely behind us. Since they are the primary media consumption devices for the majority of users, most smartphones these days come with big screens. Many people also use tablets with their smartphones, which is why a phone sanitizer needs to be big enough to sterilize these sizeable devices. Enter HomeSoap. As its name suggests, HomeSoap is meant for sanitizing all the electronic devices and other random detritus you might have kicking around the house, from utensils to books and beyond.

HomeSoap uses Ultraviolet UV rays to safely eliminate With two big UV-C lamps, it can sanitize any device in about fifteen minutes. The device features a blue indicator light that lets you know when the sterilization is done. A universal 2. HomeSoap is backed by a one-year warranty and comes in two colors, white and black.

UV-light based phone sanitizers are great, but it's still a hassle to replace their batteries or find a wall socket to plug them in.Author: Robert Collins Updated April, Buy Now Pay Later services have become increasingly popular over recent years which is great for consumers because more shops are jumping on board.

When looking for a new phone, there is a range of options on the market. It all depends on your personal taste and preferences. To get an insight into what kind of things you should be looking at, here is a breakdown of some of the specs and brands to look out for, as well as different purchasing options.

No phone today is complete without a decent camera. As selfies are the order of the day when it comes to sharing your life on social media, all phones will have some kind of selfie option. Portable chargers are very helpful if your day involves being out and about. Obviously, the extent of your battery-life really depends on how often you use your phone and what you use it for, but making sure your phone has a solid lifespan is a good choice.

If you like taking pictures and watching videos then having a larger screen is the better option. If you like to be on the move, a bigger screen could be a bit inconvenient. To make sure that the big screen is worth looking at, check the resolution and colour display.

You want images to be of good quality and the colours to be vibrant. Phones are incredibly complex, and if you want to get really technical, there are a lot of features you can look into.

One important factor to consider is the storage size on your phone. Even though you probably use cloud storage for a lot of your documents and pictures, having a decent amount of storage space means your phone will work more effectively. Also, Android supports a range of brands like Samsung and Huawei.

Generally speaking and depending on the model, these can be less expensive than Apple. According to Tech Radarthe top five smartphones in in Australia are the following:. As you can see from the options above, there is a focus on phones with bigger screens at the moment, which might not be for everyone. Essentially they allow you to buy now and pay your purchase off later in interest-free instalments.Shop top fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands from your phone, enjoy your order right away, then pay in four installments over six weeks.

New brands are added weekly! Pay the first of four payments upfront when you shop with any participating retailer, then pay the three remaining payments every two weeks after that. Get more of what you love, while also spending responsibly. Enjoy your purchases without interest or fees when you pay on time! Thanks for using the Afterpay app! Loving it? Please let us know by leaving us a review in the App Store! I first started using Afterpay last month when I made a rather large order.

The idea and the concept is really cool but the app is a pain to use.

Mobile Phones

I made the first payment on my order two weeks later as scheduled and it gave me a notification saying that the payment went though and it gave me my new remaining balance. When I first authorized the payment on the app, I had the money to cover the payment.

When they tried over and over again to make the payment, it overdrafted my checking account and put me in the negatives screwing me over for groceries. There was an error in your billing information! Please try again! This service is not convenient at all and is a massive headache to try to use. I definitely would NOT recommend them to anyone.

The Best Mobile Phone Deals

Had an issue with my bank card for potential fraudulent activity so they sent me a replacement card. All paid for.

So I attempted to ask for help to just get this issue fixed and looked into. And instead they send me a automated message that literally solved nothing about what I asked. Their customer service is outstanding!!! I had the same issue with them and they understood how the card issue missed me up but it was no issue at all!! Same zero interest split into 4 as well!! I was fairly new to using Afterpay, having to go online each time to check my payment schedule or my order information, it was so slow and glitchy as my connection is not that great.

Also in making a payment. Also it lists it in a linear traditional way which is where you can click on it to enter your payment. It tells you at a glance what is owed in a dollar value statement and lists in various days out.

It is so very easy to use. And I really like that you can search and look for retailers on there that accept Afterpay as a payment method. It is a top notch app. I have absolutely no complaints. Anyone who has an Afterpay account needs this app. Thank you!!!

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