Solar panel rfp

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Community Solar. Green Banks. Interconnection Standards. Low- and Moderate-Income Solar. Net Metering. Renewable Portfolio Standards. Value-of-Solar Tariffs. A request for proposal RFP is a solicitation device used by agencies looking to obtain products or services from potential providers. This process is most often accomplished through bidding. A solar request for proposal outlines the photovoltaic PV product or service requirements, the contract terms, and bidding process.

Once the proposals are received, they are evaluated according to the goals of the issuing agency and a vendor is selected.

Prior to launching the procurement process and issuing a solar RFP, local government agencies need to work through various project development steps to identify potential projects, collect the data to make an informed choice on which projects to pursue, and then select one or more projects to implement.

Once those project development steps are complete, information needed to issue a solar request for proposal is assembled. Some local government agencies who have a lot of experience in this area may handle the process on their own while others may decide to hire a consultant to assist with or manage the process.

Many local government agencies choose to directly fund their solar projectsespecially if they are pursuing a single, small-scale project. When these agencies decide to direct fund, they issue an RFP to select a solar developer who will design, procure, install and commission a project. The agency will likely base this decision on who can provide the most competitive price along with certain other criteria.

It is also very common for local government agencies to enter into power purchase agreements PPAs where, rather than directly buying the PV system itself, the agency contracts with a solar developer to purchase electricity produced from the system.

In this case, the agency will request bids that are based on the PPA price for electricity, the rate at which this electricity price increases over the life of a contract along with things like productions guarantees, buy-out options and end of term options. Once a solar PPA provider is selected, it is the solar company that will contract and pay for the actual installation of the system. No two solar projects are exactly alike.

The best way to RFP a solar project: don’t

Projects vary by size, locations, equipment, and goals. Likewise, the creation of solar RFPs varies from project to project. There are, however, a few best practices that should be kept in mind as a solar RFP is developed, issued, and managed. First, start with a clear goal, this will help both in the development of the RFP and the evaluation of proposals. Second, develop outcome-based RFPs focused on system performance rather than specific technical or equipment requirement.

This will give all respondents much more leeway to design a system that will meet the local agencys needs. Note, however, this does not mean that the RFP shouldnt require that the vendor select equipment that has been certified.

Third, it is important that the agency provide the respondents with as much information about the site or sites proposed for the installations possible. This will help potential respondents be more specific in their proposals.Prepared by: [Sender. FirstName] [Sender. LastName] Email: [Sender. Email] Phone: [Sender. PandaTip: Filling out the tokens on the right makes creating a customized proposal faster than ever.

Solar Panel Installation Proposal

If you integrate PandaDoc with your CRM, you can fill these tokens and the pricing table on the second page of this template automatically! Thank you for choosing [Sender. Company] to provide the installation of your residential solar energy system. Company] is a [Solar. Brand] authorized installer, and we have helped more than [Sender.

ClientNumber] homeowners harness solar energy to power their homes. Solar energy is a great alternative to drawing power from the electric grid, and saves homeowners substantially in the long run while also benefiting the environment. Brand] system will have on your grid energy use and overall household energy costs. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this proposal or your [Solar.

Brand] system, feel free to contact me directly. PandaTip: Many homeowners are concerned about the curb appeal of solar panels. PandaTip: The tables in this template make it easy for your clients to read detailed information like cost breakdowns. Take a moment to make sure the information you entered in the token fields is displayed appropriately in your proposal.

The table below covers the details of the specific [Solar. The table below details the expected lifetime costs and savings of your [Solar. Brand] solar system. The table below details the tax credits and assistance programs that you will qualify for once your solar energy system is installed. PandaTip: PandaDoc proposals are mobile friendly!

An installation contract will then be created and sent to you for final approval and signature. Executive Summary PandaTip: Filling out the tokens on the right makes creating a customized proposal faster than ever. Dear [Client. FirstName], Thank you for choosing [Sender. Sincerely, [Sender. LastName] [Sender. Phone] [Sender. Email] PandaTip: Many homeowners are concerned about the curb appeal of solar panels. System Details PandaTip: The tables in this template make it easy for your clients to read detailed information like cost breakdowns.

System Size [System. Size] Annual Energy Production estimated [Annual. Model] [Panel. Qty] units Inverters [Inverter. Model] [Inverter. Qty] units.Solar for All is a New York State utility bill assistance program. New York State is funding solar farms to benefit homeowners and renters who may not be able to access solar clean energy. Through Solar for All, eligible New Yorkers can get the benefits of clean energy while lowering their energy costs.

See if you're eligible. These solar farms — called community solar — are harnessing the power of the sun in order to provide energy to nearby communities. Solar for All gives income-eligible households the opportunity to take advantage of this energy.

solar panel rfp

Save energy, save money, and help the planet when you participate in community solar. See if you are eligible and sign up today. It's free: Solar for All is a free program for those who qualify. No sign-up costs, no monthly fees, no payments whatsoever.

You can just sit back and start saving. For questions about Solar for All or to request a paper application, please email us at solarforall nyserda. NY-Sun, a dynamic public-private partnership, will drive growth in the solar industry and make solar technology more affordable for all New Yorkers.

Provide a copy of an entire award letter dated within the last 12 months for one of the following:. Only if you cannot provide the documents requested in option 1, please provide the following income documentation as it applies:.

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Dominion Energy Virginia issues RFP for solar projects under 3 MW

Navigation menu. Solar for Your Home. Solar for Your Business. Solar Data Maps. Contact Us. Solar for All. Apply today.A solar RFP might seem like the most logical way to go, but there are drawbacks that can lead to slower kick-off, lower quality work and financial underperformance.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself to avoid these pitfalls. The best approach would be to get a handful of quotes from commercial solar developers and go with the cheapest option. This would require a solar RFP, right? A solar Request for Proposal RFP might seem like the most logical way to go, but there are several drawbacks that can lead to slower kick-off, lower quality work and financial underperformance.

On one level, solar projects are relatively simple, but for large, commercial portfolios, there can be a lot of unique and complex factors, and you might be tempted to work with a solar RFP facilitator to sort it all out.

Commercial solar projects require system design engineers, electricians, project developers and finance experts — not positions typically employed by RFP managers. In our experience, we regularly find the need to point out inaccuracies in how RFP services put together their questionnaires — from the details of fire safety and permitting, to wire sizing and utility interconnection guidelines.

These factors can make or break a commercial solar project and need to be navigated by experts with substantial, real-world experience. Most companies would be better served working as partners with the solar developers to target the ideal outcome which is also mutually beneficial to both parties. RFP facilitators will exercise a variety of payment scenarios — anything from no cash expense to their clients in lieu of project equity, to staged cash payments that coincide with the development and construction timelines.

Fees on top of fees in an already low margin industry can quickly compromise what should be a stable cash flow business model. Dealing directly with the developer immediately takes this cost off the balance sheet. By working directly with a developer, the value that would otherwise accrue to the RFP selector goes instead to the procuring organization or towards attracting higher-caliber service providers, helping to mitigate counterparty performance risk.

RFPs are relatively short-term engagements, not long-term relationships. Facilitators have no skin in the game for seeing success over the years. Their main goal is to complete the RFP process on a timely basis and receive a commission. This can lead to a lack of due diligence, unrealistic system performance estimates and a race to the bottom, accepting low-ball bids.

They have no stake in guaranteeing that the project generates the projected financial returns over the life of the project.

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Further, many of these companies are still relatively young, most are venture capital backed, and exit-driven. Their real value is in their intellectual property IPthe proprietary software applications used to manage bid responses and project progress in an organized and transparent way to their clients. However, it typically stops there, and most established solar developers provide the same level of transparency with their own proven IP. Do you want to own the system, or have someone else own it?

Do you want the tax credit, or can you not utilize it? What is your tolerance for risk? Commercial solar is a highly fragmented industry, and it is difficult to apply turnkey solutions without extensive background in the sophisticated models that are required.

No worries. This might be limited for regulated entities or government organizations, but in most cases, a developer will be happy to review the specs and have a chance to show why their approach is better. Having an experienced partner can often make the difference between success and disappointment.

This content is protected by copyright and may not be reused. If you want to cooperate with us and would like to reuse some of our content, please contact: editors pv-magazine. From upgrading domestic water infrastructure to adding further water treatment to an existing wastewater treatment plant, you have to have enough savvy to know what you want up front and have an experience base with the products and procedures of how different types of equipment interfaces with each other in the system as a whole.

In the industry now, there is solar PV hard mounted and tilted for usually summer or winter best energy harvest, depending when it is most important to generate energy. Would it be wise to design the project with a 1. Do you want or need energy storage now or in the future?

How much? One might be better off with their own specification laying out possible systems designs and find three EPC entities to bid on the designs set out in the specification.

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Finding an integrator to do the design, components procurement and construction of the project cuts out the middleman and allows one to deal with one company in the engineering, procurement, and construction of the final upgrade.Dominion Energy Virginia is continuing its support of solar development in the Commonwealth with a request for proposals for distributed solar projects to help meet renewable energy goals set forth by the company and the Commonwealth.

The RFP is soliciting bids for development assets for new distributed solar generation facilities or mechanically complete solar facilities under asset purchase agreements. The RFP is also seeking power purchase agreement bids where the company will enter into an agreement for the energy, capacity, ancillary services and environmental attributes including Renewable Energy Certificates from the facility. The new facilities must be no larger than 3 MW AC in capacity, located in the Dominion Energy Virginia service area and commercially operational by the end of to be considered.

The RFP outlines the exact proposal requirements, including the power and asset purchase agreement terms as well as the price and non-price evaluation criteria. Notices of Intent to Bid and Confidentiality Agreements are due by October 30, with final asset purchase and power purchase proposals due January 8, and March 1,respectively. Developers seeking more information on the competitive bidding process and the RFP submittal documents should visit: www.

This RFP will help the company continue to add additional renewable energy resources in order to meet those goals. Tell Us What You Think!

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solar panel rfp

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Solar Requests for Proposals

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solar panel rfp

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